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Making a Wormery:  The easiest way to make a wormery would be to use a large jar filled with soil but it is likely that the worms will stay in the middle of the jar and remain out of view.  Click here for instructions Making a Grasshead:      Grassheads are simple to make using a pair of old tights or a stocking and some grass seed. Watch the hair grown and trim it into an interesting style. Other possibilities are cress heads  Click here for instruction and ideas Making Plant Markers and Labels  Link to  Art    This idea comes from the Kiddies' gardens website and more detail can be obtained from their site by clicking here Build a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse       Click here to see how one school did this Design Technology Make Lavender bags     Make a lavender bag using your own harvested lavender. Could also be sold at a fair to raise funds for your gardening projects.  Get some ideas from here